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Coway Dazzie


Coway Dazzie Gray
Coway Dazzie White


Minimalism harmonises with functionality through
an innovative space-efficient design.

Coway Dazzie Gray


Minimum Size, Maximum Style

Minimalism harmonises with functionality through an innovative space-efficient design

Colour Options
Coway Dazzie White

Unlimited Flow Of Style,
Thirst-Quenching Satisfaction

Coway DAZZIE establishes a new benchmark for elegance and efficiency, proving that superior performance can be achieved in a compact design.


Coway Dazzie

A Stylish Fit For Your Aesthetic Lifestyle

Coway DAZZIE is crafted for those who desire a
seamless blend of style and simplicity in their daily routine,
providing easy access to clean drinking water at home,
the space-saving water purifier fits perfectly
and aesthetically on any countertop.



Petite And Versatile

Coway DAZZIE fits effortlessly into your home with its slim and aesthetic design that keeps modern kitchens in mind. This innovation allows you to free up your countertop space for more of what you need. Available in two chic colour options – Porcelain White and Pebble Gray that sleekly complement your household aesthetics.


Dazzie Size

Designed To Dazzle

Let your interior design creativity flow as per the limitless flow of pure clean water that Coway DAZZIE could provide.
The contemporary water purifier gels well with different spaces of your needs, beyond just kitchens and office pantries.

Smart Temperature And Volume Controls

Coway DAZZIE is here for your daily needs from morning till night. It comes with four preset water temperatures,
suitable for preparing baby formula (45°C), tea (70°C), coffee (85°C), or even instant noodles or poached eggs (98°C).
The water purifier also comes with a complimentary extended faucet and preset volumes,
simplifying water extraction experience for cups (250ml), bottles (500ml), pots (1,000ml), and continuous flow.

Automated Hygiene Feature

Coway DAZZIE automatically UV sterilises faucets for 25 minutes after 6 hours of inactivity,
eliminating up to 99.9%** of bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus and P.aeruginosa.

Unlimited Supply Of Coway Nanotrap Water

Instantly dispense an unlimited flow of hot and ambient water, with a dedicated 1-litre tank for cold water. Stay hydrated with
Coway NanotrapTM filtered water that effectively eliminates up to 99.999%* of Murine Norovirus
from tap water while maintaining minimal discharge water levels.

Features Overview

Child Safety Lock

Keeps young children safe from accidental
hot water burns.

Extended Faucet

Complimentary extended faucet for change to avoid splashing of hot water during the extraction process.

Sleep Mode

If unused for one hour, Coway DAZZIE will go into Sleep Mode to reduce energy consumption.

What's Behind Dazzie?

All filters are certified by and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)


Step 1

Coway Nanotrap Filter

Reduces viruses and bacteria by using
a positive electromagnetic force.

Step 2

Plus Inno-Sense Filter

(Post-Carbon + Fine Filters)
Reduces odours and improves the taste of water.



Pebble Grey & Porcelain White


Coway Nanotrap Filter / 4 Months
Plus Inno-Sense Filter / 18 Months

Filtration Method:

Coway Nanotrap

Net Weight:

7.6 Kg

Tank Capacity:

Hot Water: Instant
Ambient Water: Direct Flow
Cold Water: 1.0 Litre


180 mm (W) x 340 mm (D) x 385 mm (H)

Power Consumption:

Heater 2230 – 2720W
Compressor 0.5A




Free 5 Years Service & Warranty

Outright Purchase:


Free 1 Year Service & Warranty



Free 5 Years Service & Warranty



Free 7 Years Service & Warranty

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